With the option to utilize a mobile device as a remote, Google TV's new app appears on the iOS App Store.

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Google TV app is now available on the iOS App Store, according to the firm. Source: Google

Google TV has seen a lot of changes, debuts, and upgrades in the last few months. The Google TV app is now available on the iOS App Store, according to the firm. With this new announcement, iPhone users will be able to get recommendations from across streaming apps (those that they subscribe to), a Watchlist for their discoveries, the "For you" tab with Watchlists from their favorite stars, an on-the-go content library, the ability to rate movies and shows, all the latest information on all their favorite content, and the ability to use their phone as a remote for Google TVs and other Android TV OS devices.

Prior to this, iOS users could access Google's "Movies and TV" section through the Play Store. The business has eliminated the Play Movies & TV app and replaced it with the new Google TV app as of this month. But don't be concerned. If you already have the Play Movies & TV app for iOS, there's no need to delete it. The old Google TV app will be replaced with the new Google TV app.

Source: Google

When it was announced in September 2020, Android users got to experience the rollout two years earlier iPhone users. The app was given a new appearance and feel when Google Play Movies & TV was renamed Google TV for Android, making it simpler to find new content. The logo changed as well, but everything else remained largely unchanged.

Google announced earlier this month at its Google I/O developer conference that Android users would be able to cast TV episodes and movies directly from their phone or tablet to their TV via the Google TV app. With this news, it looks that both Android and iPhone users will be able to connect to their TV by pressing the remote button in the Google TV app.

Another news was made about the big TVs at home recently. Google TV, for example, has introduced individualized user profiles for television viewers. This allows for up to 12 profiles, including children's accounts, which were introduced in 2021.

Last year, the firm also overhauled the Google TV app with a new user interface, expanded set suggestions, and more TV series and movie selections. Finally, the screensaver-like function "Ambient Mode" was enhanced in October 2021, with additional tailored information and recommendations cards.

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