With a fresh investment round, Arduino is focusing on enterprise applications.

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Arduino is best known for its open-source microcontrollers, which have been welcomed by the developer community, but it now has its eyes set squarely on the enterprise. The business believes it is well-positioned to acquire a presence in the engineering workforce among Gen Z and millennial engineers. The company's popularity in the maker world over the last decade or so means that almost everyone in the category is at least aware of the technology.

"Engineers in [Gen Z and millennial] generations grew up using Arduino boards in STEM programs around the world," co-founder and CEO Massimo Banzi said in a statement, "and they've grown accustomed to the company's open-source hardware, software, and cloud services' accessibility, simplicity, and power." As they enter the workforce, they are bringing those needs with them."

$32 million in new Series B investment from Robert Bosch Venture Capital, Renesas, Anzu Partners, and Arm is fueling this endeavor. Given the company's existing track record with hobbyists and education, the move to the enterprise is a bit of a surprise, but there's a lot of money to be made in the enterprise category, and I've increasingly seen the company's off-the-shelf boards being integrated into workplace solutions over the years, so it might not be the most unusual path for the company moving forward.

In a statement, Renesas SVP Chris Alexandre stated, "Arduino has a unique chance to grow their already robust technical community to include the business market." "We're excited to help them expand their customer base and establish themselves as an innovative enterprise platform."

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