Horizon Home is released by Meta, making it easy to meet together in the metaverse.

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Source: Meta

Horizon Home will be available as part of a new upgrade to the Quest 2 headset, according to Mark Zuckerberg, the creator, and CEO of Meta.

Despite Meta's claims that virtual reality is the future of social networking, the Quest 2 has yet to offer a straightforward method of socializing. You might join a group with pals and go adventuring throughout Horizon Worlds, the company's social network, or you could play a game together, but simply hanging out hasn't been easy. The Horizon House feature will now let guests visit you in your virtual home, as promised last autumn.

Source: Meta

When you initially put on your headset, you'll be in your house, which you may pick from pre-made alternatives like a space station, a Japanese inn, or a terrace with a view of a magnificent sunset (say what you want about Meta, but these environments are actually impressive). You can even create your own surroundings with a little finagling - one user designed the home from "The Simpsons." Meta intends to release capabilities for constructing your own environments without the use of third-party programs in the future.

In a video featuring free climber Alex Honnold, Zuckerberg showcased the new function. They met at Zuckerberg's house (which is identical to mine - what does it say about me?) Honnold published a 360-degree video while free climbing 1,000 feet up on a cliff in the Dolomites, and I leaped into it.

"Watching Alex climb in VR with Alex's avatar was quite meta," Zuckerberg said in a Facebook post.

Source: Meta

As Horizon Home launched on the Quest, TechCrunch questioned Meta about the safety safeguards included in the app.

According to a Meta spokesman, "Party leaders can unilaterally dismiss visitors from both the Party and Meta Horizon Home." Any user can file a report or use the system-level block option. Guests may also quit a social setting with a single click, much as with other Horizon apps, to withdraw from voice conversation and the overall atmosphere.

"In addition, Meta Horizon Home uses hotspot locomotion rather than free locomotion to decrease the chances of users' VR avatars clashing," the spokesman stated.

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