Coinbase extends hiring freeze, rescinds some accepted offers

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Today, Coinbase said that it will prolong its hiring freeze and rescind accepted offers from those individuals who have yet to begin their new jobs.

Coinbase, the third-largest crypto exchange by volume, started slowing recruiting two weeks ago, but this is a more significant cut.

"Adapting swiftly and acting now will help us effectively navigate this macro climate and emerge even stronger, allowing additional healthy growth and innovation," said Chief People Officer L.J. Brock in a corporate message posted to Coinbase's blog.

Brock went on to say that the employment freeze will last as long as the macroeconomic slump does and that it will apply to backfills as well. Any job that is required for security and compliance, on the other hand, will employ a replacement.

"A number of pending offers for those who have not yet begun will also be rescinded." "This is not a choice we take lightly," the message said, "but it is vital to guarantee we are only developing in the highest-priority areas." "All new hires will receive an email today with their modified offer status."

Those whose offers have been withdrawn will be eligible for Coinbase's "generous severance philosophy," which the letter does not expand on. Coinbase's severance packages supported workers for four to six months, depending on their term of employment, with six months of health coverage under COBRA in late 2020, when CEO Brian Armstrong welcomed staff to quit if they were unhappy with the company's "apolitical" goal. The corporation is also developing a "talent hub" to provide further help to those affected, such as interview coaching and résumé evaluation.

"We knew crypto would be volatile," Brock said, "but that volatility, combined with wider economic concerns, may put the firm, and us personally, to the test in unprecedented ways." "Coinbase will emerge stronger on the other side if we stay agile and resilient while remaining focused on the long term."

Coinbase has expected to treble its workforce by 2022. However, the corporation stated in its first-quarter financial results that restricting staff may be a cost-cutting strategy. The business revealed a $430 million loss, which is bad news for a crypto exchange that makes the majority of its money from trading.

Gemini, the cryptocurrency platform founded by twin brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, also stated today that it will be reducing its employees. Due to "turbulent market conditions that are anticipated to endure for some time," Gemini lay off 10% of its workforce.

Regrettably, this upheaval goes well beyond the crypto sphere. It's believed that 15,000 IT professionals lost their jobs in May alone as corporations strive to cut expenses amid a difficult economic period.

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