China claims it may have detected signals from alien civilizations, according to reports.

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China’s Sky EyePhotographer: Qu Honglun/China News. Source: Getty Images

A state-backed Science and Technology Daily report said that China's Sky Eye observatory may have detected signals of extraterrestrial civilizations, which subsequently seemed to have been erased from the Science and Technology Daily's website.

One of the world's largest radio telescopes has picked up unusual electromagnetic signals, according to a report cited by Zhang Tonjie of an extraterrestrial civilization search team co-founded by Beijing Normal University and other institutions in China. The team is now looking into the signals. Further, the report stated.

NSDC tried to retrieve the data from The Science and Technology Daily, but it failed due to a lack of information gathered from the council. NSDC confirmed that the article had been published but deleted shortly after.

The Science and Technology Daily, China's science and technology ministry's official publication, seems to have taken down a piece on the Weibo-trending news that had already been picked up by other media sites, including state-run ones.

The Sky Eye, a 500-meter (1,640-foot) diameter telescope in China's Guizhou region, will begin searching for alien life in September 2020. Data from observations of exoplanet targets revealed two sets of suspicious signals to the researchers in 2020 during the processing of data gathered in 2019, and who had discovered another worrisome signal in 2022, Zhang said in the paper.

According to Zhang, China's Sky Eye is a vital tool in hunting for extraterrestrial civilizations because of its high sensitivity to the low-frequency radio band.

Radio interference, he said, may explain the eerie signals, which require additional examination.

The Science and Technology Daily did not return calls from Bloomberg News.

— Thanks to John Liu and Claire Che for their help.

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