A new Android widget from Google Maps shows current traffic around you.

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Google Maps is releasing a new Android widget that will expand on the capabilities that helped Waze, Google's other driving and mapping program, build a reputation for itself over a decade ago: It will now display real traffic around you as a widget on your lock screen, rather than only in the app.

Google Maps already gives anticipated arrival and travel times, as well as yellow/orange/red hues to show whether there is less or more congestion on your route. Users will be able to utilize the live traffic widget as an additional, user-friendly tool to get a better understanding of how congested an area will be in case they need to change their travel schedules or even routes to escape the snarl without having to open the app.

The feature will allow users to zoom in and out to view traffic in a particular region without having to open the app's larger map. Previously, you had to launch the app to check the traffic situation, but now you can do so straight from your home screen.

The widget will be available to users in the next weeks, so it may not appear in your widget collection right now. For it to operate, you'll still need to have Maps installed.

"Whether you're commuting or meeting up with pals, Google Maps' real-time traffic forecasts may make planning your trip a breeze." "You'll view this information for your present area straight from your Android Home screen with the new nearby traffic widget, which will arrive in the coming weeks," the firm added.

While the widgets are undoubtedly a more convenient method of observing app activity in certain situations, they also have a secondary purpose: they encourage more users to use the app in general, particularly during times when it would have been too difficult earlier.

There are now 35 Google widgets accessible for Android, thanks to the addition of the live traffic widget.

Google Maps has a new widget that shows you live traffic status in an area around you.

In the previous several days, Google Maps has received some helpful changes. It made it simple for customers to check the Air Quality Index (AQI) last week so they could avoid polluted regions. It launched the option to check cumulative toll charges on your intended trip in the United States, India, Japan, and Indonesia earlier this week.

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