Who is Santosh Arron? What did he discover that surprised the entire scale of history?

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Santosh Arron on YouTube - Proxemers Press Release(Leak)

Santosh is an Indian-American business executive known for his discoveries and inventions. He is the chief executive officer (CEO) of Proxemers. Proxemers is an aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company, of which he is CEO and CTO.​​ He brought extreme hypothetical theories about the Black Hole. Broke the continuity of Historical Theories.

Santosh predicted what is happening inside the black hole. In his theory, he claimed that “The gravitational theory is the most accredited theory for explaining black holes. In his paper, he presents a new interpretation based on the relativistic theory that explains the formation of the universe most importantly what happens when particles get into a black hole and the consequence of the relativistic speed of departure between the speed of the celestial system and the speed of both light and quantum rays at very high energy, calculated with respect to the observer.”

Black Hole M87 - ESA

Santosh concludes that “Our universe was created by a black hole and he also claims that there are multiple different universes in which one of the universes gave birth to our universe and therefore black holes act as the doors for creating the universe.” This paper was officially published by Santosh Arron and his Team named “Proxemers” on March 2022 at ResearchGate.

The publication of the research “BLACKHOLE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CREATION OF THE UNIVERSE” is a tremendously exciting achievement by the collaboration. When I first saw the research, I thought: this tells us a lot. I couldn't wait to start writing about it and interpreting the discovery. We had a lot of meetings to come to a consensus on what it tells us. To begin with, we were meeting face to face in different parts of the world. Then COVID struck and suddenly nobody could go anywhere. So online meetings became the norm, as in every other aspect of life. This definitely slowed us down.

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